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Test current gift card offers in email campaigns

We currently send an email campaign for AT&T offering a $25 gift card to sign up. I would like to run an a/b test to see what impact these gift card has on your Oopps, Revenue and GP rates. I'd like to do an 50/50 or a 70/30 split on the current volume testing $25 GC vs no GC.

  • Haylen Radford
  • Mar 1 2017
Business Objective

To test the impact GC offers have. Do we need to them to raise conversion rates? Are they worth the customer experience and the expense? Should we look at other kinds of offers? Results of this test will also impact other brands running the same type of offers.

Basic Functionality

Random segment split

Project Category
Project Type Email
Channel Email
Resources Needed Copy, Design, Compliance, CRO
Impact Medium
Business Priority
T-Shirt Size
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