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GetSafeco Outstanding Issues

I'm suggesting a few small fixes that were deemed out of scope from development of GetSafeco.com.


1. Missing favicon

2. IE 11 > Wrong Font Wieghts (I am seeing the fonts on IE11. It appears as though they are bold)

3. Mobile/Tablet > Menu > Arrow Works...Link Does Not (On the iPad when I click on the text in the mobile menu nothing happens. When I tap on the arrow is when I see the sub-menu. Since it is easier to hit the text for the hit state can we extend this out to the full word?)

  • Devon Ethington
  • Jun 5 2017
Business Objective

Clean up getsafeco.com

Basic Functionality

No additional functionality required.

Project Category
Project Type Product Page
Channel Other
Resources Needed FED
Impact Low
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